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Sound Infrastructure
We are equipped with a sound infrastructure incorporating 400 weaving looms, 2000 weavers & over 30 talented designers. Company has its own command over the sufficient Handlooms and Power Looms for all types of weaves items. Starting from planning and followed by designing, Dyieng, Production, Quality control and Packing & on time Delivery. Each and every department of our company has well qualified and Experinced staff in their field. A high skilled labour is employed in the production devision.

We pay maximum attention on the management and strategic operations which finally lead to smooth functioning and making of quality rugs and carpets.

Experience of our Mentor
Mr. Surendra Mittal's years of experience in the carpet business, his in-depth knowledge, his devotion to his work and his support to all members of the company have helped further to enhance the growth of the company. He is successful in acting as a bridge between the customers and the weavers thereby serving the guiding force for our enterprise.

Order Quantity

Our company is capable of executing small and bulk orders at the same go. Our company has always worked with a customer oriented approach, as a result of which we have a highly flexible production system that helps us to supply our orders not only in bulk but also in economic order quantities with no limit as such on minimum quantity.

Hassle-free and on-time Delivery
We always ensure a hassle-free export-import documentation to our clients for smooth shipment. On-time delivery & up-to-date information regarding the shipping is another way to judge our performance. We guarantee a 100% on-time delivery for small and large orders alike to any part of the world.

Customized Product
Ceejay International believes that a customer may also prefer a custom design, suited to his specific needs and style and hence we have geared ourselves to develop customized carpets and rugs for our clients. In this case we also offer designing services to offer an end-to-end solution in custom product development. Giving concreteness to imagination in the form of customized products is our forte.

Globally Reachable
We are globally reachable to many countries, exhibiting the rich, traditional craftsmanship of our weavers in the form of extraordinarily made carpets and rugs of all shapes, sizes and styles.

Financial Assistance
At no point in our production process for the last 77 years, we have faced in any financial problems which can delay production. Our reputation has always helped us to get financial assistance and invaluable support by the World Bank & Indian Government.

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